Random thoughts.

Just putting it out there but why do good guys finish last? I mean who put your whole heart and soul out there for your job but find that instead of being rewarded you get knocked down again. It just makes it that much harder to pick yourself up again. People complain that there isn’t enough good guys out there in the world yet they hurt the ones who are. It is a good thing that I am living this life for God and not myself or I would be tempted just to say to hell with it. But I refuse to let this world dictate my mind set!


Hello world!

I am Tim McGrath a Respiratory therapist as a trade but a long time writer that never had the guts to put their writing out to the world. Well today is the first step in this journey. I will be writing a story by chapters or what may become chapters once organized. Read them and comment on them.  If you like them and think others would than pass it along. But know they are recorded and saved so don’t try and copy them please.